Carbon Flux in Andean Paramo Streams

Carbon Flux in Andean Paramo Streams


Import data

In this document we are going to calculate Evasion from the Vaisala Sensors and compare them to the eosFD flux measurements as well as see how they relate to other variables such as precipitation and temperature. First we import the data and for now we will filter so we are looking at non-injections

Create new time variables for ease of plotting

These new variables will help us plot each seperate day on a timescale of midnight -> midnight

df$day <- as.factor(substr(as.character(df$DateTime),1,10))
times <- substr(as.character(df$DateTime),12,16)
df$time <- strftime(df$DateTime, format="%H:%M")
df$time <- as.POSIXct(df$time, format="%H:%M")

CO2 Change

Change in CO2

The first step in calculating flux from the stream is to calculate change in CO2 concentrations between two points within the stream. We will look at two pairs of sensors (1->3 & 3->4). Once we determine change in CO2 concentration, we will convert ppm to uMols and then account for stream metabolism (respiration and photosynthesis) to calculate flux. First, let’s visualize change in CO2 accross the pairs of sensors