Vulnerability to Domestic Wells from Hydraulic Fracturing

Update Follow along with my research on understanding domestic wells at risk to effects from methane migration stemming from hydraulic fracturing activity. This living document is being created in the spirit of open and reproducible research. Most of the analysis is done with the R statistical language and is presented exactly as executed. All of the data is free and publicly accessible. This will allow others to reproduce everything exactly, or plug in their own data.

Domestic Wells and Fracking:

Methane Contamination of Wells In recent years, the practice of hydraulic fracturing has raised concerns among those who obtain domestic water for home use from privately owned wells in areas that have been experienceing development of unconventional natural gas extraction (fracking) activities. This is a living document of my research investigating the potential risk to private wells from contamination relating to fracking throughout the United States. The goal of this document is for it to be submitted as a manuscript once it is completed.